Please check School websites for when term one starts, and for when BUS run start dates.
Dates below are from the education departments' website
Not all schools or bus routes follow these dates

Term 1 9 February 2022 13 April 2022
Term 2 2 May 2022 8 July 2022
Term 3 26 July 2022 30 September 2022
Term 4 17 October 2022    21 December 2022

Please check School Websites for your term dates Please check School websites for when terms starts, and for BUS run start dates.

New fairs will apply Tickets can be bought from the bus driver same as normal. Students are urged to buy 10 ride tickets - $15.20 saving the bus driver handling so much cash.

Fares apply

$1.90 fare per trip
Maximum ten-ride ticket cost will be $15.20
that is a discount of 20%
See the website

Fare-paying students will no longer need to carry a Student Greencard unless they are travelling on Metro or Tassielink.

Only students that a eligible for a free pass need a card  click below to get a green card

Free stundent pass form

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